Hello all and welcome back to my blog The B Word, where today I will be writing all things Korfball. Now a lot of you maybe thinking what’s Korfball? Well this post I will talk about what the sport is all about and how I ended up falling in love with the game. I really hope you enjoy the read and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

What is Korfball?

Korfball is a ball sport and it’s the world’s only mixed gender sport, where it comprises of four male and four females players. Although the sport is mixed gender, when playing, korfballers are only allowed to defend members of the same sex allowing for the game to be matched on ability as best as possible. The game originated from the Netherlands in 1901 and today is played in over 50 countries. It is mostly known for being a hybrid of Netball and Basketball allowing for a unique sport.

Who can play Korfball?

As mentioned being a mixed gender sport anyone can join. There are many local teams across globe, but in the UK many cities and universities have clubs for you to join. Korfballers come in all ages and ability, from juniors in the playground all the way to international players and is very easy to learn even if you are an absolute beginner and not very sporty. Which is one of the main reasons I joined during my second year at University and I am so grateful I did.

How do you play?

The court is split into two divisions with a centre line and a ‘Korf’ placed around 6m from the back line. Each team will have two female and two males in each division and will switch between attack and defence every two goals. But the best part is you can score from anywhere in your division, even behind the Korf! The aim of the game is simple to try and score the ball through the Korf (which is bright yellow and 3.5m above the ground) within the 60 minute game.

To look at how Korfball is played and more information, watch the video below from The International Korfball Federation:

How did I get into Korfball?

I joined my Korfball team at De Montfort University in my second year in 2015. I was very unsure when I first signed up as I hadn’t played sports in a very long time and I was very unfit. But the people were so welcoming and at my first session, I found it was so easy to pick up and before the end of the session I had scored a goal. This was the beginning of where I fell in love of the sport. Throughout my time at University, I have met so many amazing people that have and will be in my life for a very long time, as Korfball is more than just a game, it is a community. We enter summer competitions, enter university and league competitions and you all just become one big family something I haven’t really felt from another sport before.

Here are some pictures of me during my time playing Korfball at University (and my many amazing friends I have met through the game):

Korfball after University

After University, me and my friends have entered into some summer tournaments which have been a blast. Last year I also joined a local team in Nottingham called Notts Magic. I managed to make a couple of sessions but unfortunately was ended shortly after COVID- 19 and I am now over 1 year without playing and to be honest I cannot wait to be able to get back playing and to enter lots of competitions and to see my friends.

I really hope you have loved learning about Korfball and that you may even consider joining or even trying out for a team when it is safe to do so, because honestly the sport is great but the people you meet and to become part of a community is a massive bonus. I hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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