Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam

Hello everyone and welcome back to The B Word. Today’s post is another travel post about one of my favourite countries I have travelled to, Egypt. I will tell you some of my favourite places to visit and tips about going to Egypt, especially Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam. I really hope you enjoy this post and happy reading!

I first travelled to Egypt back in 2007 and it was my first flight that took over five hours. Back then it went by so quick as you had the TV’s on the plane (and not the fancy ones on the back of the seat). I remember on the way we got to watch Mamma Mia which was awesome made the flight fly by. Sharm El Sheikh was your standard overseas airport but going from the airport to the hotel, I don’t think I will ever forget it. We was on the bus and I remember going past buildings that looked unreal, five-star hotels, sphinx’s outside buildings and at one point a camel was walking on the road. It is just such a different culture to what we have in England. The hotel we were staying in was called the Coral Sea Resort in Sharm El Sheikh and it was UNREAL; we loved it that much that we ended up going back to the same hotel two years later.

The hotel was that fancy that there was a small river running through the hotel, three massive pools, an incredible beach, pool bars, massive restaurant and an Irish bar for entertainment. The people and staff were so lovely, the culture is fascinating and the weather, views and whole holiday package was amazing. It really was luxury compared to where we had been before and ultimately I think it is why I have been back three more times since.

Here is some pictures of me in Egypt over the years. The first one in 2007, second 2009, third, 2011 and the bottom one 2019.

So I have been to Sharm El Sheikh three times and once to Marsa Alam in 2019, and Sharm El Sheikh is definitely my favourite place out of the two. There is quite a lot to do, from snorkelling around the corals in the sea, glass bottom boats, going through the Sinai mountains, Soho Square and Naama bay. As opposed to Marsa Alam there is very little to do outside of the hotel, but no matter what you are guaranteed the best weather and some of the most stunning sunsets just look at the images below.

Some tips if you are planning to visit Egypt is that the country is very well known for being pushy towards tourists, so as soon as you leave the hotel be prepared to haggle and stand your ground. Although, when I say pushy they aren’t rude, but this is there way of making a living and they can be very passionate in should say in wanting you to buy their products. But if you fancy a spot of shopping and you are in Sharm El Sheikh I would 100% recommend to go to Soho Square as they aren’t allowed to bother you. It is also really beautiful and they have dancing fountains, lovely restaurants, surprisingly an ice rink and plenty of shops so it is really worth a visit.

Finally, one of the biggest tips I could give you if you are planning a trip to Egypt, is to take a snorkel set. You can get them cheap from Sports Direct, Amazon and other shops and really is an essential item when going. Also if you can’t swim you should know that the sea is so shallow that you can walk a good 20-30 meters without the water getting above your knees. Additionally, as a reassurance the Red Sea also has a lot of salt, so makes it harder to sink or even swim to the bottom it just pushes you back up. But the bonus is the fish you get to see from Clown fish, Lion Fish and Rays there are so many types of tropical fish.

Well that is my post talking about Egypt sharing a couple of tips and places to visit whilst you are out there. I really hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to like and share your favourite places to visit too.


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