Hello everyone, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Today’s blog will be about my time in Barcelona. It was one of the first European cities I have ever visited and it really did not disappoint. I hope you like my tips on visiting the city and places you can explore whilst on a budget. Happy reading!

I went to Barcelona in July 2018, with my best friends from university and we flew from Gatwick airport. Flights to and from Barcelona were relatively cheap costing around £150 return with Easyjet. Although if you are taking a suitcase you will need to pay extra, but I took a travelling bag that I could check in as hand luggage, which really helped. The reason for taking hand luggage only was because after my four days in Barcelona we was travelling to Benicassim for a festival (which I will review in a seperate post).

When looking at accomodation we opted for Airbnb as it really was the cheapest way for us all. It cost around £438 for 3 nights but split between 4 people, it worked out much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Our Airbnb was situated on Carrer de València which was around a 10 minute walk to the nearest metro station, which allowed us for easy access across the city during our stay.

When thinking about an itinerary we only had one place on our agenda that we wanted to visit, and that was the famous La Sagrada Familia. To get there and travel across the 4 days we purchased a 4 day travel pass. Which cost only around £20 it meant that we could travel via bus and metro all day at no extra cost. To get to La Sagrada we went via Metro and took around 20 minutes and from when you come out of the metro station the first thing you see is the building. I just stood there in awe, due to the size and the beauty of it. There was so many different elements to the building that I just loved.

Here are a few pictures I took:

After our time at La Sagrada Familia we decided to look at the other work that was done by famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. These were scattered all over the city which was great as we really got to explore the city in depth from visiting each place.

Our next Gaudi sighting was Casa Mila, around a 20 minute walk from where we were. Again, the building was just spectacular and the level of detail was just amazing. What made it even better was there was a cafe just outside where we managed to have a cocktail outside

Just a 5 minute further walk onwards was our third Guadi stop of the day, Casa Batllo. This building although had similar shapes to Casa Mila there was so much more detail and the colours really made the building stand out to the others. Although you can pay to look inside each of the buildings, we opted not to pay in the three we had already visited as there was so much to see outside too and we were on a budget.

We looked at what other Gaudi buildings were nearby to Casa Batllo and the next one happened to be quite a walk away to Park Guell. So we got on a metro and ended up a 20-minute walk to the entrance of Park Guell. Now if I could give you any advice if you want to visit park Guell, get a taxi or get a bus to the top as the hill as it is very steep and in that heat, not an easy walk. When we arrived it was very busy but you could see the buildings and it was utterly breathtaking. Although this time you couldn’t get close to the buildings like the previous ones, you had to book tickets. So even after the long walk we decided it was worth a visit so we booked to come back in a couple of days time.

Our next day we decided to visit the gothic quarter of the city and look at their indoor markets. I had never been to a market so big and full of so much food. But I do highly recommend to get away from the heat and take in the culture. After the market we took walks through alleys and really got to see some of the hidden gems of Barcelona, like this old church pictured below:

On our third and final full day we went to Park Guell, which I will just show you the pictures as it was breathtaking, from the views to the architecture, it was worth every penny (€8). Just take a look below:

After our visit to Park Guell, we took a walk back down to the beach but this time to look at the harbour, which was really nice. It was nice to unwind over our last three busy days and reflect ready for our next part of our trip to Benicassim. We ended our final night by having what some would say a typical spanish tea. Although I am not so adventurous, one of my friends ordered chargrilled rabbit and pigs ears, which I don’t think he will be ordering the ears anytime soon. I just stuck to the lovely but simple patatas bravas, it really was a great ending to our time in Barcelona.

On day 4 was where we met up with the rest of our friends and made our travels by coach to Benicassim ready for the Fib festival where I will be writing about my time there in the upcoming weeks, so keep a lookout.

Our trip was fantastic and really was inexpensive. We took sandwiches everyday and only ate out once a day and the meals were relatively well priced. We managed to see so much of the city without spending a penny other than the ticket we had paid at the beginning of the week for the metro and €8 for Park Guell. Overall, i really do recommend Barcelona for either a quick, cheap get away or even a week long holiday if you want to explore the buildings even further.

I really hope you enjoyed my review of my time in Barcelona and hopefully it has helped with any questions or tips if you are due to go. Thank you for reading and keep safe.


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