Hi and welcome to my first post! In the entertainment section of the blog, I will take the opportunity to share some of my favourite films and TV shows and why they are my favourite. Please don’t forget to like, share and comment your favourites too!

Now it would be rude not to start off my with favourite tv show of all time FRIENDS. Some of you may disagree with my opinion, but as someone that has watched the show from a young age and have watched the series multiple times since, I have just grown up and revelled in the greatness of FRIENDS. From the characters to the storylines to me there is nothing more perfect.

So for those readers that haven’t watched or heard of FRIENDS, it premiered in 1994 (the best year in my opinion, not just because I was born) and lasted for 10 seasons eventually ending in 2004. It follows a group of six friends Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe & Rachel in their 20’s and 30’s living in New York. Where you follow their journeys through relationships, friendships and their ever changing careers.

So what makes it the greatest tv show in history (yes I have said it!)?

For me it is the best friendship that you will ever see between a group of people, yes there are moments where they do bicker and fall out, but isn’t that all friendships? But to know that in the end you will always be best friends no matter what. It is also in some ways the connection that you make with the characters. Myself personally, I don’t just resonate with one character but aspects of all of them and I think thats why a lot of people relate to the show so much, as it reminds them of themselves.

Additionally, the writers on FRIENDS make some comedy gold moments throughout the show, where later I will give my top three favourite episodes from the entire series. They make you cry with laughter and some moments make your heart melt.

In my final year of university I had the fantastic opportunity to go to Los Angeles as part of my Media & Film course where we went to multiple Hollywood Studios. But was so thankful that I managed to get tickets to do a studio tour of Warner Bros, which of course was where FRIENDS and many other great films and tv shows were also filmed (I will be sure to write my favourites of these too). During the visit I went past the soundstage where FRIENDS was filmed but also was able to go to see the original set of Central Perk with the original sofa too, it was a dream come true (and yes I am wearing an awesome Jurassic Park T-shirt).

One year later, I was also fortunate to get tickets to FRIENDSFEST that came to Manchester, UK and as a huge fan it was everything I expected and more…it was truly one of my favourite days. From a picture on the sofa, to sitting on Ross’s sofa, sitting in each of the apartments, seeing the famous Gellar cup and even sitting in Central Perk listening to a Phoebe Buffay tribute act.

As a fan of the show the visits to the original sets and to see other fans it was incredible and I will never forget. In some way it even makes me love the show more to know that I have been where the series was filmed.

So for the moment you have all been waiting for…Drum roll please…my top three episodes:

In third place we have The One With Unagi (Season 6 Episode 17)

For many reasons this episode never fails to make me laugh so hard. The episode features around Ross where he is determined to prove he can beat up Rachel and Phoebe after they attended self defence classes. Ross states that Unagi is a state of awareness and one is ready and prepared at all times after practicing Karate. However, the funniest thing of all is that Unagi is a type of freshwater eel that Rachel and Phoebe point out in the episode and mock Ross through his attempts to attack them both.

In second place we have The One Where Ross is Fine (Season 10 Episode 2) (SPOILER ALERT BELOW)

This to me has so many classic lines in and the comedy is at in my opinion one of it’s highest throughout the entire season. The episode revolves around Ross’s reaction to walking in on Joey and Rachel kissing, where Ross tells everyone he is Fine in a very high pitched squaky tone. He then invites Rachel and Joey over for dinner with his girlfriend Charlie (who is Joey’s ex) just to prove how OK he is with the situation (which he is not, when he wakes up the next day with no pants on after getting drunk on Margaritas).

If you hadn’t noticed so far that my favourite episodes feature Ross, and guess what, the best episode also features Ross too. Although he is not my favourite character (let’s be honest it’s Chandler), Ross has some very funny moments throughout the show which just make you fall in love with the character. So without further ado I now present to you first place:

In first place we have the unbeatable The One Where Ross Gets a Tan (Season 10 Episode 3)

Now this is just one of my favourite moments in television history, when Ross decides to get a fake tan after seeing sister Monica with a glowing tan. However, as the episode develops we notice that Ross faces many issues when getting a spray tan, and ends the episode significantly darker on only one half of his body (For your pleasure I have added the image below :D).

Now even though the series has been over for 16 years, they announced earlier this year that there is to be a reunion. Which you have no idea how excited I am for this to happen! So when the reunion has been aired, I will do a review on what i thought of the reunion and if it met my expectation as a fan.

I just want to say thank you everyone who has taken the time to read about in my opinion the greatest show ever. I hope that it has made you chuckle as well as reminiscence your favourite episodes or even watch it for the first time.

Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to like, comment and share your favourite films and shows too.


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